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59.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
45.00 ₪מחיר מבצע

מסכת נשימה מבית MOLDEX האמריקאית , מוצר יחודי המשמש רופאים , מדענים ועוד. 

רמת תקן N95 באישור 42CFR84. 

מעטפת רשת, בלעדית למולקס, מגנה על חומרי הדבק של המסנן כך שתישאר נקיה יותר למראה. המעטפת מתנגדת לקיפול, אפילו בחום ולחות כך שהמסכה שומרת על צורתה יותר מכל מסכה אחרת. התוצאה היא שימוש מופחת בכמות מסכות והוזלת עלויות.

ניתן לקרוא עוד הל המוצר באתר החברה www.moldex.com או שתשאלו אותנו. 


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  • The Best N95 Masks March 25, 2020 Review

    The Moldex N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator deserves a high spot in the ranking of some best blocking shields in the market this year.

    For people who have been triggered with serious allergy symptoms when coming in direct contact with polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC), this facemask is totally safe. There is no said substance included in the process of producing the device. We can rest assured that the adverse side effect does not appear with the use of this guard.

    Most customers are willing to rate this piece’s ability to bring comfort with five stars. The fabric is soft enough not to make people’s skin irritated. As a result, workers are eager to put them on for an extended period of performing.

    It is great to find out about the one-way check valve of this respirator. Due to this type of design, our item will not be clogged with moisture and heat, especially on hot summer days. It is successful at reducing the breathing resistance that often suffocates users when they handle tasks in hostile environments.

    Despite being a one-time use apparatus, this item is durable enough for a prolonged session of a harsh job. It is pretty hard for a disposable mask to remain well-functioned at the end of the day. But this one excels at keeping its original shape and excellent features. As a matter of healthy fact, we do not encourage people to reuse the piece; however, it might be fine if most of your missions are easy and light-duty.

    Old customers keep coming back to buy the respirator and recommend it to other individuals. Luckily, the piece fits well around most face sizes, from oval-shaped to broad faces. Of course, it will offer a tight seal so that dust and dirt can not attack our lungs.

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